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225gm Scallop
75 gm Re-hydrated Yellow Fungus
75 gm Asparagus(Cut into wedges)

Stir-Frying aromatics:
Chopper Carrot
Chopper Ginger
Fresh Black Mushroom Sliced
Shallot Slices
Grated Garlic

Marinade (For 600gm Scallop):
3 gm Baking Soda
2 gm Chicken Powder
1 gm Salt
8 gm cornflour

Seasoning :
30 gm Stock for thickening
2 gm Caltrop Starch(Mixed with stock for thickening)
Sesame oil ground White pepper


  • Marinate scallop for a while.Soak scallop in boiling water until done and drain.
    Simmer yellow fungus in second stock with salt until flavourful.Drain.
    Jiggle asparagus in oil and then simmer it in second stock with salt until flavourful.Drain.
  • Heat a little oilin wok.Stir-fry the stir-frying aromatics until fragrant. Add asparagus,yellow fungus and scallop.Stir-fry until fragrant. Lastly add seasoning and cook until the sauce thickens.Serve.