Seafood Hamper from live and frozen seafood
specialists in Malaysia.

About us.

Our role is to provide you with the fresh live and frozen seafood.

PIAU KEE SEAFOOD RETAILS (M) SDN BHD was originated establish in 2005 with its’ first outlet located in Cheras,Taman Yulek.

This seafood hamper website represents our latest trend which found by our Retail Director in year 2010. With the range of the pre-package and customize-able options, the Seafood Hamper is considered as the unique and the best gift option to you. Seafood hamper consider and wish every customer well received their seafood ordered, therefore we are using quality packaging to keep the freshness of the seafood.Secondly,we also have vacuum pack machine to maintain the quality and freshness of seafood.Besides that,the purpose of our foam box and cooler bag is to maintain the temperature and freshness of seafood.Seafood hamper is well equipped in frozen trucks so,there will never be any issues about defrost during the transportation of your products.Products are well stored at -20c throughout the supply chain from suppliers to stores through warehouse. Perfect quality to earn your trust every day. Secure sources, carefully selected products, seasons and food-friendly technology, that is our expertise. Innovating for the pleasure of taste and to simplify your life. And because your time is precious, all our products are ready to cook or eat.

Lastly, we also provide western foods, Japanese food, sauces, BBQ and steamboat items. We believe the benefits of frozen seafood and try to take great care to provide you with the best condition.

Health & Food Safety

A taste for quality.

If the taste research is unconditional in each recipe, it always includes the stakes of safety and health as well. Seafood Hamper is uncompromising on quality. Result of a demanding policy, it is a core value based on two pillars: If the taste research is unconditional in each recipe, it always includes the stakes of safety and health as well. Seafood Hamper is uncompromising on quality. Result of a demanding policy, it is a core value based on two pillars:

  • A strict Internal quality chart:
    it guarantees the excellence of each product from conception to sale.
  • Strong safety measure:
    Strict sanitary control, respect of the cold chain and traceability of our products

Health priority!

The internal laboratory conducts stringent quality checks: 50 000 tests each year to ensure compliance with our specifications. Our quality standards are stricter than in some regulations, for example for nitrates, radioactivity, pathogenic bacteria…

See all transparent.

All packages provide information and help prevent allergies and excess: comprehensive list of ingredients, with the precise nature of oils, starches…

For all our products, Seafood Hamper provides you all the information you need such as:

  • Detailed nutrition information
  • Specific information about allergens
  • Details about the origin of the products

Our Story

Since 70′s, Piau Kee has supplied the freshest seafood available to customers around Klang Valley. Starting small as a fishmonger in Central Market, the Piau Kee business has steadily prospered into a 2.0-acre facility in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur servicing the nationwide food industry.

Through the years, one quality remains constant: Our enduring passion to supply only the freshest catch of the day. If it is not fresh, firm and gleaming straight off the source, it will not make the parade on Piau Kee’s stall.

It is our firm belief that the best surpasses the biggest. Since the early days, Piau Kee has strived to consistently give the best to customers, comprising of well-known 5 star hotels, airline caterers, fast food chains and famous restaurants. This prompted them to return for future orders, eventually winning over a string of loyal customers.

With years of quality experience, we understand all our customers’ needs in various industries. This tradition of quality remains the essence of Piau Kee operations: Quality in sourcing products, Quality in maintaining freshness of products and Quality in service.


24hours Shop

There are no lines to wait in or shop assistants to wait on to help you with your purchases, and you can do your shopping in minutes. Online shops give you the opportunity to shop 24/7, and also reward us with a ‘no pollution’ shopping experience.

Full Refund Terms & Conditions

We offer a money-back guarantee. Guaranteed Service Refund (GSR). Full refund when received incorrect goods or received spoilage goods. (Subject to upon receiving goods)

Product Warranty

All Seafood Hamper products are covered by warranty. Please review the information on the product for warranty details.


01. Vision

To be the retails market leader in the Frozen food industry.


02. Mission

  • To provide our customers the best customer service
  • To consistently provide our customers with unique products at fair and reasonable price, hygiene and fresh quality.
  • To focus on improving the quality and uniqueness of our products and services continuously.

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